Why we don't trust Bickham Coal Company

It's like having a volcano growing in the Shire. A little hill one day, a mountain the next.

This mine was presented to the community in 2001 as a 'small development'. That was a joke, an insult, a total lie. This mine proposal is huge.

Originally the local community was told the Bickham Coal Mine would be a 25 million tonne open cut mine. Then it jumped to 50 million tonnes.

Then a further 80 million to be gouged out underground!

This is typical of Bickham Coal from day one. They tell us something about their proposal – and then they move the goal posts.

Bickham Coal now threatens the Upper Hunter like Vesuvius threatened Pompeii.

This mine proposal is HUGE. The coal seam cuts right across our Pages River.

As everyone in the district knows, the Pages River already has terrible difficulties. Bickham must be joking if they think they can extract 130 million tonnes of coal and not impact the river.

Even worse, Bickham Coal have indicated the mine will have a life expectancy of 75 -80 years. In the beginning it was to be a 10 year development.

We cannot believe anything they tell us.


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