Newspoll results

In 2006 BCAG conducted a Newspoll in the Upper Hunter Shire to gauge community opinion about the mines.

Here is the summary

Summary of Newspoll findings, September 2006

Huge majority opposed to mine
63% against
24% favour
13% don't know

Opposition to the mine deep as well as wide
51% strongly against
12% somewhat against

Universal awareness of the proposed mine 
95% aware of mine proposal
5% not aware

Miners themselves opposed
Even those who work in mining oppose the Bickham coal mine
51% against
37% favour

People concerned about potential effects of mine on water supply

Coal not the future of region
62% see the future of the region in farming, cattle or horse breeding
14% coal mining

Horse breeding miles in front
Horse breeding is seen as the future with more than twice as many people
nominating it than any other single industry.


This is a massive vote of no confidence in the mine. People have a general proclivity to say they are in favour of something when polled so it is a particularly strong result. Only a tiny percentage (12%) of the population are strongly in favour of the mine. Meanwhile the opposition to the mine is not only widespread but deeply felt with the proportion of those strongly opposed extremely high.

This is a very informed result with almost everyone (95%) aware of the mine.

Overwhelming concern about the impacts of the mine on the water supply (81%).

Even those that work in the mining industry oppose the mine. This is very powerful and suggests the wrong mine in the wrong place message has really taken hold.

The sample size of 300, while less than used for a national poll, is substantial in terms of the area covered. When Newspoll polls for their fortnightly record of support for political parties they ask 1000 people for the entire country.

Ben Oquist


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